Air Pumps for Aquariums:

Single and Double nozzle air pumps : These all air pumps are kind of low-press & non-oil pump, and the exhaust air is clean. It is suitable for adding oxygen into various aquariums, seafood pools, storage of marine lives seedlings as well as indoor and outdoor decoration of water-column lamps.

• With streamline design, it is beautiful and decent. Made from ABS plastic, the shell of the body is firm, durable and endures to shock. And the air-intake room is made from macromolecule complex rubber, and has long service lifetime.
• It is driven by the top-quality motor. The input power can be adjusted with the phase-angle of controllable silicon. With the adjustable exhaust, this device is advanced, reasonable, high-efficiency and energy-saving.
• All the movable parts are sealed inside the body. Adopting labyrinth-type air-ways and rubber anti-shock cushion, the operation is stable without any noise.
• The article is produced according to standard and meets concerned national safety stipulations. It is safe and reliable.

Single nozzle air pumps are available in 2models :

- BOYU U-2800 : 2 L/Min for Fish Bowl.
- SOBO 548a : 3.5 L/min with Low/Medium/High switch.

single nozzle air pump                  air pump for aquariums

Double and four nozzle air pumps are available in 2 models :

- SOBO 648a : 2 x 3.5 L/min with Low/Medium/High switch.
- BOYU S-2000 : 2 x 6 L/min.
double nozzle air pumps                 4 nozzle air pumps