Fish Tank Layout Materials:

Grey Stones : Grey stone also known by as SEIRYU Stone which is ideal for planted/nature aquariums, specially for IWAGUMI Setups.
Available in different shapes and sizes.

grey stones for tank

Dragon Stone : A soft looking stone with holes that all face one direction. In the planted aquarium it looks very natural and it is easy to create various different aquascapes with this stone.
Popular with World Famous Aquascaper Oliver Knott.
Available in different shapes and sizes.

dragon stones for aquarium

River Stone & Pebbles : Decorative River Stone & Pebbles for the planted aquarium, colours vary from a grey to a warm red Rounded to avoid any damage to bottom dwelling fish.
Available in different 3 sizes : Small, Medium & Large.

river stones for fish tanks

Mopani Woods : A beautiful two color African hardwood for aquariums or terrariums. Smooth surface, Deep, chocolate brown and light, sandy yellow colors and striking shapes and textures details are sure to be a focal point in any aquarium and adds interest and enrichment to habitats. Use with plants to create the "naturalistic" look. One of the hardest and densest woods available; sinks immediately in aquariums and unlike driftwood, will not rot!
Available in 3 different sizes : Small, Medium & Large (0.5 kg to 3.5 kgs)

driftwoods for aquariums