CO2 Equipments:

Electronic CO2 Unit : Electronic CO2 unit releases carbon dioxide into your tank without bottled gas or reaction chambers. Instead, it uses a simple carbon block to release all the CO2 your tank may need. Includes a control unit that monitors the amount of CO2 being released and also lets you know when the carbon block needs to be replaced. This item is great for planted tanks. Be sure to check your pH often, as carbon tends to lower pH. Carbon block sits in housing and attaches inside tank with suction cups.
Aavailable in 2 different model : M (for 30-120 ltrs) & L (for 120-250 ltrs)

motorco2 rezctor

OCEAN FREE Absolute CO2 Tablets (48 Pcs) :
Provide daily CO2 requirement.
Assist in CO2 photosynthesis process.
Enhance aquatic plant size and hasten the growth.
Best suitabale for NANO Planted Aquaria

Co2 Tablets

PRODAC Co2 Plant (20 Pcs) : Effervescent tablets that develop CO2 and support the blooming of water plants.

Plants for Carbon