Decors, Pebbles & Driftwoods for fish tank:

Driftwoods : Malaysian driftwood makes an ideal natural decoration for your aquarium or terrarium. A staple for planted aquariums, each self-sinking piece is as unique as your imagination. A favorite for planted aquariums with java fern, tetras, gouramis, etc. Sizes and shapes will vary. Soak 1-2 weeks before placement to reduce the amount of water discoloration from harmless tannic acids in the driftwood. Unlike other driftwood, it sinks once water has been completely absorbed.
Aavailable in 3 different sizes : Small, Medium & Large (0.3 kg to 2.5 kgs)

Driftwood for the aquarium

Natural Pebble - Black Ruby (5 kg) : Special natural collected pebbles for aquarium decoration.

pebbles for fish tank

Artificial Corals : These Corals are made from poly material to replicated life-like movement. It is non-toxic and safe for fresh and salt water setup. When use under 50/50 or black lights, it will intensify the neon effect and creates an dramatic aquarium viewing experiences.

artificial corals

Actinia Cari                        Discosoma Sp - 1                Discosoma Sp - 2