Lights for your Aquarium

It's a well known fact that improper or inadequate light causes a lot of stress to your aquarium fishes. In marine aquariums, improper light set-ups can completely kill off the delicate balance and destroy your tank completely. When setting up the aquarium light, all you should have in mind is that you are replicating the normal day conditions for a fish. So the intensity and duration of the aquarium lighting should be similar to what the fish would have received in its natural habitat. Generally, the lights should remain on for a period of 12 hrs and should be evenly distributed across the aquarium tank.

At Ashoka Fish Aquarium Shop, we provide you with various options to illuminate your fish tank and replicate the natural conditions. We provide you with a full range of lighting bulb choices, hoods and canopies to mount your lighting fixtures on, and any lighting accessory needed to complete your setup.

SUNSUN PLL Lighting Systems
Available in 4 models :
HDD 600c :
55 watts PLL. Dimension : 606 mm
HDD 800c : 2 x 24 watts PLL. Dimension : 806 mm
HDD 1000c : 2 x 36 watts PLL. Dimension : 1006 mm
HDD 1200c : 2 x 55 watts PLL. Dimension : 1226 mm


150 watts MH Bulbs : The next step in metal halide aquarium lighting, for your coral reef, deepwater ocean fish and aquatic plants. Precision manufactured, rigorously tested lamps produce consistent halide color temperatures, proper wavelength emission and higher maintained light output over the life of the lamp.
Specifications: Double-ended (HQI) metal halide lamp 150 watts

Available models : 10000K & 1000K

AQUAEL Oceanic Blue Tube

AQUAEL Oceanic Color Tube

AQUAEL Oceanic Light Tube

AQUAEL Oceanic Nature Tube

Available size : 2’ & 4’