Aquarium Sets:


aquarium design                                                       fish tanks


32'' X 18'' X 24''                                                                                24'' X 16'' X 20''
Volume:125 Liter                                                                            Volume:70 Liter   
Lamp Power:2 x 24w T5 Tube                                                      Lamp Power:2 x 15w T5 Tube
Filter Pump:600 L/H                                                                       Filter Pump:400 L/H



Acryllic tanks                                                       glass aquariums


40'' X 18'' X 24''                                                                                48'' X 19'' X 24''
Volume:200 Liter                                                                            Volume:270 Liter   
Lamp Power:2 x 39w T5 Tube                                                      Lamp Power:3 x 39w T5 Tube
Filter Pump:800 L/H                                                                       Filter Pump:1000 L/H


Note: We also make custom sized and customer preferred design glass tanks, small nano tanks and all kinds and shapes of bowls, please feel free to contact us.