Power Heads & Wave Makers:

AQUAEL - Circulator Power Head : Designed for water circulation and oxygenation in fresh and marine water tanks. Can be used for powering bio and undegravel filters too. Equipped with water flowadjustment, air flow adjustment and 120 degrees adjustable output. Small size but high efficiency.
Comes with 2 year Guarantee. Made in Poland.

Available in 2 models :

Circulator 650 : 650 L/H
Circulator 1100 : 1100 L/H

power head

BEN ZIANG Super Flow Pump cum Wave Maker : A new innovative range of circulation pumps specially for Marine and Reef Aquariums. The exclusive Hydor design and technology guarantee a continuous and powerful water flow. High performance, low energy consumption, quick and easy maintenance. high quality rubber material, three strengthened absorption tray, suitable for fixing slick surface.

• 360 degree circumgyratetion
• Big flow impeller

Voltage : 240V
Frequency : 50Hz/60Hz
Power : 6W
H-Max : 0.6m
Output : 3000 L/H
Weight :

wave maker for quariums

JUN Power Heads : JUN Powerhead delivers outstanding performance in a variety of applications for fresh or saltwater aquariums.
• ABS original particles case, pound-resisting and long service life.
• High quality stainless steel shaft,suitable for fresh and sea water.
• Strong sucker for easy installation and maintenance.
• Rubber suction cups for easy attach to the aquarium.
• Knob water flow regulator to control flow easily.
Avalaible in 2 models : HX-4500 (2500 L/H) & HX-5000

power head for fish tanks

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