Biological, Under Gravel & Internal Filters for Aquarium:

Biological Sponge Filters:
Bio Sponge Filters are simple, effective and inexpensive. These filters are ideal for tanks with tiny fish or fry, as they can't suck anything up. They are perfect for quarantine tanks as they won't filter out medications. They make excellent biological filters, quickly building bacteria, and also work well as mechanical filters. Ultimately they are a reliable and hassle-free choice that work well in smaller tanks and are great as supplemental biological filters in heavily stocked tanks. All sponge filters can be driven by air pumps to increase filter flow and aeration.

biological sponge filter

Under Gravel Filter:

Designed for biological filtration of aquarium water. Filter uses gravel as filter media. It works also with Circulator Power Heads and ensures ideal biological purity of water in aquariums.

12 Plate (18”x12”)
16 Plate (24”x12”)
32 Plate (48”12”

under gravel filter

Internal Power Filter:
Quiet, multi-use submersible pump ideal for undergravel filters and creating water movement. High output pump @ 600 L/H with additional chamber.

• A compact design,making this unit both efficient and easy to maintain.
• High flow rate. This unit is suitable for both Freshwater and Marine.
• Advanced multi functional design incorporating mechanical,chemical and biological filtration in one unit. Mechanical-Top quality filter sponge and floss, Chemical-Activated carbon, Biological-Ceramic rings and bio-balls. This combination leads to outstanding filtration,resulting inexcellent water quality.
• Designed to ensure optimum flow through, ensuring maximum contact between water and filter media to help maximize filter efficiency.
• Incorporated heater chamber(heater supplied separately)makes this unit a complete life support system for all aquatic animals.
• 400 L/H.

internal power filter                     power head with filter