Cooling & Heating Devices for Fish Tanks:

Cooling Fans : Cooling fans provide powerful ventilation to reduce heat transference from aquarium equipment. Extremely quiet operation with adjustable positioning, perfect for sumps or for use in aquarium stands/cabinets to reduce humidity. Generates 10 times more cooling power than conventional fans to reduce temperature buildup by 5 to 7 degrees Fahrenheit. Easy to install - simply attach using screw-mounting brackets. Made with high quality plastic.

• Powerful cooling fans increase air movement to reduce heat and humidity.
• Easy-to-install cooling fans perfect for ventilating aquarium sump area.
• Minimizes unwanted water temperature increase due to aquarium equipment.

Aavailable in 5 different models : Set of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 fans.

aquarium fans            fans for fish tank

PRODAC MagicTherm : MAGICTHERM Heater ideal for both fresh and saltwater aquariums. The heater consists of a quartz glass tube which provides exceptional resistance to sudden temperature changes and to heat, guaranteeing against the risk of breakage or explosion in the event the heater still on is removed from the aquarium accidentally and then returned to the water.
Available Wattage : 200W & 300W .

thermostat heaters

AQUAEL Glass Heater : Fully submersible, simple maintenance, easy temperature setting, computer tested, with ON/OFF indicator light. This heater is characterised by a very high temperature accuracy +/- 1°C.
Available Wattage: 200W & 300W.

glass heaters for aquarium


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