Maintaining water quality in fish tanks:

OCEAN FREE Super Battle Bacteria 8000 (120 and 240 ml) : Highest concentration of stable purified liquid bacteria spores and excellent extra cellular enzym production. Faster effect and more effective. Using innovative technology preserving live bacteria in liquid form. Bacteria will be activated only after releasing into the water. Those live bacteria are in their hibernating stage during the storage period. Do not need any special storage environment. Just place them under cool area will do. It is that simple and convenient. Special "Denitrification" by Ocean Free Super Battle Bacteria (Convert the toxic ammonia into nitrite, nitrite to nitrate, nitratte to nitrogen gas). Break down large comlpex organic compunds quickly and effectively.
• Control odors while reducing the C.O.D and B.O.D
• Not only aerobic & anaerobic but also facultative growth capabilities
• Extended shelf live, guarantee high bacterial counts (Over 6.8 billion cell count per ml of liquid)
• Non pathogenic, environmentally safe
• Solve green water and algae problem and help to prevent fish disease
• For new & old tank/pond. Fast establishment
• More effective and speedy regenerating to aquatic plants/under gravel filter gravels
• Effective pH range: 5.0 - 9.5
• Effective temperature range: 5 degree celcius - 50 degree celcius


Ocean bacteria

OCEAN FREE A-Z Super Beneficial Bacteria (50 gm for use upto 1500 Gallon) :
• Reduce organic debris (B.O.D) and improve water clarity.
• Digest organic sediments at a control rate.
• Greatly reduce the needs for changing water.
• Control and eliminate stubborn algae.
• Lower pond/tank scum and remove odors.
• Solve green water problem naturally.
• Can be use for old and new tank/pond.
• Help to prevent fish diseases.
• Fast to establish (matured) a healthy pond/tank system.
• Avoid new tank syndrome.
• Increase fish appetite, growth and coloring through superior water quality.
• Reduce and control toxic ammonia, nitrites, nitrates and phospharus.

beneficial bacteria for aquariums