Bio Media and Medication for Tanks:

Claroball : Spherical filter element in non-toxic plastic suitable for all percolating filters.

Claroball medication for fishes

Aquacil (700 gr) : Medium porous ceramic cylinders suitable to support the development of aerobic bacteria.

aquacil for growth of aerobic bacteria

Activated Carbon (700 gr) : Filtering medium blend made with 50% super-activated carbon (CLAROCAR) and 50% best selected zeolite (ZEOLITE) for fresh and marine water aquarium.

activated carbon for aquariums

Anti Chlorine, General Aid, White Spot & Gill-Fungus-Parasite special : General usage for removing chlorine, treatment of fungus/bacteria and white spot disease. High safety density, easy to use and effective.
Avaiable in 240 ml

anti chlorine and other medications for fish tanks